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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Launching of digital copies of Non-Priced Publications of NAI on Website

Union Minister of Culture Smt. Chandresh Kumari Katoch and former Governor of West Bengal Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi jointly launched the digital version of the catalogue of publications (till June 2012) of National Archives of India (NAI) on the website ( under section “List of Publications”.

This catalogue is not merely a list of publications brought out over the last seventy years in pursuance of the approved publication scheme in 1942; rather it unfolds the history of the publication policy of this Department since its origin. Over the last seventy years, approximately 101 titles have been brought out with many of the titles having several volumes. Out of these 101 titles, 40 are priced publications, 49 are non-priced, 8 are reprints and 4 are facsimile copies of the manuscripts preserved in the National Archives of India.

In the first phase of the digitalization of publications of this department, only non-priced publications which are in single volume have been made available for download. In the second phase Annual Reports of National Archives of India (1891 onward) and Report of the Director General of Archives and other non-priced publications in various volumes would be made available on the website. The last phase of digitalization will deal with all priced publications of the department.

The digital copies initiative of non-priced publications by NAI will help scholars, historians, academicians, administrators and users of archives.