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Monday, 16 January 2012

 Sikkim Socio-economic parameters*

Area 7096 sq km
Recorded forest land with tree
cover 5765.1 sq km
Per capita forest cover 0.61 ha
Per capita plants 0.7 per sq km
Green protection index 0.903
Urbanisation 11.1 % of total state area
Number of Districts 4
Number of Sub Divisions 9
Number of Towns 9
Total Households 114223
Population 540851
Urban Population 11.1% of total population
Density of population 76 per sq. km
Birth rate 18.4 per thousand
Death rate 5.2 per thousand
Infant mortality rate 33 per thousand
Sex Ratio 920 females per '000 males
Population below poverty line 19.33%
Literacy Rate 82%
Per capita outlay on health Rs. 296/- per capita
Doctor 1 doctor per 2504 persons
Per capita outlay on education Rs1288
HDI 0.532
Total number of Govt.
Educational Institutions 1545
Index of Social & Economic
Infrastructure 108.99
Plan expenditure in social sector 45.38 percentage
Access to safe drinking water
Per capita consumption of
electricity 182 Kilo watt hour
Per capita income Rs.25257 per annum**
State GDP Rs.2586 crores
Main workers 39.31% of total population
Marginal workers 9.41% of total population
Non workers 51.28% of total population
Cultivators 49.91% to total workers
Agricultural labourers 6.43% to total workers
Cultivated Area 109068 h

** CSO 2008-2009, also submitted by the planning commission to the
Lok Sabha

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