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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Rock art sites in India

Rock art sites in India 

There are 57 rock art sites in Tamil Nadu and over 800 across India. In Tamil Nadu, Perumukkal near Tindivanam is remarkable for pictographs. Alambadi, near Villupuram is famed for its rock painting of a cow’s digestive system.
Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh, a world heritage site, and Edakkal in Kerala are among other noteworthy sites in India. According to the ASI, Bhimbetka has more than 700 rock shelters, of which over 400 have paintings. It is located about 45 km south east of Bhopal on the road to Hoshangabad. Earliest human activities are known from stone tools, including hand axes, cleavers and pebble tools. At Bhimbetka, engravings of a small cup like depression at the end of the auditorium rock shelter dates to nearly 1,00,000 years.
Edakkal has rock etchings on cave walls which fascinate archaeologists, artists and historians alike. The name itself means a ‘stone in the middle’.

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  1. Bhimbetka is an awesome destination... incredible site...