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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Acoustic Traditional to bring together music and storytelling at Mayfair Resort

Source:Sikkim Now
GANGTOK, 17 Aug: With Acoustic Traditional’s ‘One Tribe’ tour nearing its completion in the state, the organisation is now gearing up for a concert with the support of Mayfair Hotels and Resorts, Gangtok.
As per a press release, the show, which will be hosted at the Mayfair Resorts on the 31 August, will bring together music and storytelling in a brand new spectacle, something that the state has not witnessed before.
Music and stories will find a new meaning and interpretation in the concert which will feature musicians from the region [Sikkim and Darjeeling]. Often referred to as the new indigenous movement, the concert hopes to build on the group’s previous series with specific focus on their present work, the release mentions.
Storyteller Salil Mukhia of Acoustic Traditional says, “We have been working on a specific style for quite a few years now, which we hope to exhibit with the support of musicians this time. At a certain level, this style is influenced by shamanic storytelling where hard music becomes necessary. It will be interesting as we will be working with artists from Rock backgrounds and there will be plenty of guitars, raw sounds and great music. We are more than looking forward to it. Such style of storytelling is new and it’s great to have a genre of our own! Besides, what is important remains important – taking our message further of conserving indigenous folklore.”
The concert has been planned with Mayfair leading the way in support of the organisation’s tour. “This is not a general session. It’s an exclusive one and planned as a means to support the tour. While we do frequent sessions, we do not do concerts very often as a lot goes into making it,” adds Abhishek Pradhan.
While events like these are seldom organised and bring in a new perspective to storytelling, Mr. Bjorn Deniese, Mayfair Hotels and Resorts sees something critical, “We at Mayfair believe in protecting and promoting indigenous culture and tradition which has always been a part of the Himalayas. Cultural Tourism is an interesting new path for the future tourism in the state and such concerts will bring to the forefront the rich culture and folklore of Sikkim.”
The project team until now has been documenting the folklore of Yeti in the State with a specific focus on the Dzongu region in view of understanding the Lepcha community’s association with the great legend. The process of documentation will extend to other areas in the near future as such an area of documentation cannot be completed in such a short time, the release informs.
According to Minket Lepcha, “the effort marks a beginning in the revival of indigenous folklore in the region vis-à-vis community engagement.”
For concert bookings and details, please contact: 8972 313 930 / 811 660 2270 or contact Mayfair Hotels and Resorts, Gangtok.

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