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Monday, 20 August 2012

Rahat, an old water drawing heritage in Bhopal

Rahat is an example of old technique of drawing water. The artificial water way was constructed in Bhopal (now next to lake at police officer mess, Bhopal) to carry water from lower lake to the Noorbagh which was the garden of Nawab Jehangir Mohammed Khan Palace. There was a 20 meter high wall along the bank of lake with an open drain in the upper portion to carry water to Noorbagh. Water was carried to upto 2.5 kilometers by the force of gravitation. Water was drawn by persian wheel which is no more, but Rahat which was worked with help of oxen still exists here. This is an example how in earlier times one used to transport water using gravitational force to an advantage. 'Rahat' as it is called is a heritage where garden exists but the water in the lake nearby stinks. If you happen to climb the stairs, you will feel hurt to see the way lake is getting polluted, but probbaly authorities dont care. May be call to all of us to speak out. 

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