Fine arts students, teachers from JNTU and sculptors create magic with parts of discarded buses
Ferrous brown bodies with nuts and bolts sticking out, weird shapes and menacing looks. A first glance gives an impression of the ‘transformers’, either having descended from the skies or transported from the sets of Hollywood.
The APSRTC’s scrap yard at Boduppal has been transformed and how! Amid all the rubble, students of JNTU College of Fine Arts, their teachers and a few sculptors from across the country have magically redone the remnants of discarded buses into abstract beings.
If Jeevan Kumar has made a dinosaur like figure, Ramana Reddy has welded pieces of the discarded metal into various kinds of bugs while Aman Preet is into making a butterfly with fluttering wings.
There were others like the Kalidasa tree or the ripened seed/fruit …gear shafts, exhaust pipes, wheel rims, chassis rails, etc., every bit of scrap available on the huge premises was made use of and welded into shapes.

Funding by SBH

Scrap sculptor camp is a GHMC initiative in association with RTC, JNTU and funding by State Bank of Hyderabad (Rs.76 lakh) to deck up the capital for the forthcoming Conference of Parties (COP) international bio-diversity summit in October.
A bewildering variety of scrap art shapes and sizes greeted Mayor Majid Hussain, Deputy Mayor G. Raj Kumar and GHMC Commissioner M.T.Krishna Babu when they visited the camp on Monday.
“It is a dream come true for the artistic community. Our college is 60 years old but this is the first time that the city has opened up for us. We are not going to let you down,” exclaimed Srinivas Reddy, JNTU Fine Arts Principal, overseeing the camp with colleague Shanti Swaroopini Roy. “Scrap sculpture is part of their curriculum and they were thrilled to bits when this scrap yard was shown. Even the RTC people were initially surprised when we sought permission,” laughs GHMC Additional Commissioner (Parks & Sports) P. Anuradha.
A stone sculptor camp is also being started at the Fine Arts College, Masab TankMr. Krishna Babu said the scrap sculptures will be installed appropriately in parks and traffic islands with inscriptions describing the sculptor’s vision